Bam Bam  owned by 

 Ryan in South Carolina

Riesling now a happy 3 legged girl

owned by Lorne & Robin

Harper lives with

Melissa and Jax

(Kuma x Lexus)

Pebbles    RIP

​       owned by Tori in Mississippi

Pepper owned by Lee & Linn

Gambit owned by Josh & Dymond

Jax owned by Melissa

Lucy owned by Carrie

Roper Rockin Robin aka Cindel

Fury owned by Steve

CH/Jr CH Callahan (AD, AB, OBT) x CH Phoebe (12 mile AD, CA, CGN)

2016/07/03 Pups

RIP Smudge were lost in a tragic accident far too young.  Brittny loved you!

Sophie co owned with Kristen

Bonz x CH Sophie 2015/05/10 Pups

Co owned with Rich & Juliah

CH Mickey owned by Matt in Indianapolis

Dual CH Kuma x Lexus (GDT, CGN) 2012/12/12 Pups

Pharoah owned by

          Sahsah & family

​Charlie owned by Al & Jenny

Petey owned b Monya

CH ​Roper Skullz n Bonz

Mya and her buddy Jury owned by Becky/Jeremy

Pic by Vero St-Onge


Roper Ducatti Blue    .

Stella owned by

    the McIsaac family

Under construction

​Clover owned by Maggie Shook at              Gunslinger Kennels

Sup CH  Nationals Champion Moose (IPO1) x CH Phoebe (12 mile AD, CA, CGN)

2015/06/16 Pups


           2019 Show Results

  • Aurora new Junior CH & CH with 4/5 legs towards Grand
  • Blue now a Supreme Grand CH
  • Skully 1 more Grand CH win
  • Dio & Rain both new Jr CH