6 Mile Irondog, NKC Jr CH
OFA Good, Elbows & Cardiac Normal.
NCL & Ich Clear

Hercules is a young working machine with a phenomenol pedigree in both show, work and all around bulldog.  He's very stable, showing great promise.  I have wanted to include dogs from this pedigree into my program for some time, and this seems like the perfect fit for Isabelle.  His focus and obedience is very nice, and he's not an 'overdone' bulldog....the athleticism on this pairing should produce well rounded, high drive, trainable dogs with a decent off switch, and medium size with good structure.   Hercules has produced a litter with another breeder but they are too young to know much at this time, besides the adorable factor.  

OFA Prelim Good, Elbows normal.  NCL/Ich Clear 


CH JrCH Roper Aurora of Acadia

Hips/Elbows/Cardiac pending, NCL/ICH/HUU Clear


        Breeding Plans Late 2020 

My second pick female is available to the right home.  She has good bone and structure, with a nice head type.  She has medium drive with good working potential. I would like to see her go to a home who would be interested in showing her or becoming involved in the breed if not already.  I don't want her going to a home to be spayed at this point.  

Roman is a male at Gunslinger Kennels in North Carolina that I have been watching since he was young.  He's has similar bloodlines to my guy Blue, with a similar type personality, and it's what has drawn me more and more to wanting to use him. Maggie and Roman have a close bond and he's a working machine, yet he's also a phenomenol housedog with a great off switch.  He is powerful and trains in Schutzhund and a really well structured dog with great balance!  My goal in using him on Aurora (aka Cadie) is to keep that handler focus, good natured and stable dog, with great work ethic and super structure.  I have seen some of Roman's progeny, and am very familiar with his bloodlines, so I'm confident this breeding will bring something great for my program, and will also be suitable for both working and companion homes.    More on Roman at Gunslinger Kennels

One male for active companion home .  Jameson going to be a brute of a male.  He's super thick, still standard muzzle, but hybrid look. Medium to low drive but very confident puppy and all bulldog.   Fully vet inspected, vaccinations, 2/4/6/8 week dewormings, microchipped, 6 weeks pet insurance, registered NKC, full genetic health guarantee.  

        Hercules X Isabelle 

   Born December 15, 2019


           2019 Show Results

  • Dio wins 4 Best in Breed and Group placing at UKC Show
  • Aurora new Junior CH & CH with 4/5 legs towards Grand
  • Blue now a Supreme Grand CH
  • Skully 1 more Grand CH win
  • Dio & Rain both new Jr CH


CH JrCH Gunslinger's Kill em All

OFA Good, Elbows & Cardiac Normal, ICH Clear, NCL Clear by Parentage