2 Roper bred dogs, with OFA Excellent hips, full DNA genetic testing as clear of all diseases and non liver pigment carriers.  They both work, and are a moderate size with really nice type.  I expect moderate size, correct structure, good fronts and rears, with big teeth.  A nice off switch in the house for the companion owner.  

Apollo is Fireball's belly brother and was sold to the USA to the Kellers as a pup, and later decided to get involved in the breed.  He's an NKC Grand Champion & 2022 NKC #2 Dog of the year.   He's currently training in PSA, and has a more moderate drive, (more prey, and very clear minded) and is progressing really nicely in a new club.  

Maple is a dual Champion in UKC/NKC with 3 wins towards her Grand in NKC.  Her highlight was winning Best in Breed as a 9 month old puppy at UKC Premiers.  She has a very high prey drive, and works very clear between both prey and defence comfortably and is training PSA style.  She's extremely athletic and is handled now by my 11 year old son. She's very forgiving in her work as we are really sporadic getting to training based on his active life in sports.  

These are  two young promising dogs with excellent social skills with people.  As this breeding is quite similar to the Blue x Fireball and Dio x Fireball, I expect similar progeny.  Nice structure, huge type, great drive, trainability, good temperaments and excellent wind.  I'm not in a rush on this breeding, as my focus is to get Cadie (Maple's mom)'s final breeding done first.  So it really depends on heats and Cadie's litter.  

Skully x Fireball

Late Summer 2024

We will be planning the use of Skully semen on our Fireball next heat.  I won't be opening these pups up for public availability, but serious working/show/breeders can inquire directly.  
Mid-Atlantic AB NKC Show
  • Maple wins 2 X CH becoming Grand Champion
  • Dio wins Grand Champion ring
  • Legacy wins Champion ring
  • Delta takes 2 x 1st, and a 3rd in a class of 6 dogs in 1-2 yr old female
  • Bolt wins a Best in Show Puppy & 2 x Reserve Male Puppy