Co-ownership is a necessary tool that allows me to further my program and still give my dogs and myself a fantastic life.  I want each of my dogs to see their potential, while still being able to be able to live a great quality of pet life without the need of living in kennels.  Being a single parent with two young children and a fulltime career woman, I need to consider a great balance.  I want  to be able to keep my personal dogs here from birth until the day they leave this earth, and for my co own dogs I want my 'keepers' to have that life elsewhere.  Also, it's not easy to be tied down to multiple dogs at home, so co-ownership has worked amazing for me.  I have a range of co-owners from first time dog owners to a few decades experience working dogs, and each 'agreement' is catered to the individual situation.  This also allows me to be able to assess each breeding pick(s) so I can determine it's contribution to my program.  Sometimes the co-own dog never ever contributes to my program, sometimes the dog turns heads around the world!

If your dog is a part of the program, you get the opportunity to be a part of the 'Roper Family'.   The excitement that everyone has when their dogs win show awards, titles and certifications, and you also get to watch as your dog's babies mature and have a sense of pride in your dog being more than an average pet even though it really is a great pet for you!  I don't force 'working titles' but I do encourage you to find something fun to do with your dog, whether that is taking some fun agility classes, dock diving or dabbling into the protection sports!  It's all about what you and your dog enjoy!  

I have specific needs at various times for males and females, and it's truly dependent on what I have kept in the past, and what my goals are moving forward.   I will require that co own dogs stay reasonably close to home, or at the very least, special arrangements be made to get the dog once or twice a year to a show if across the province.    I AM willing to work with other kennels or programs not close by, assuming we have like minded goals and can create a good relationship.  Our arrangement would be very different than what's outlined in this section and mostly focussed on the more inexperienced co-owner.

The co-owner family pays a reduced fee for the puppy. The agreement will include standard expectations similar to buying puppy outright, but it will be necessary that the dog is kept in good physical health and fitness suitable for the show, as well as proper training for basic obedience and manners.  Situations in life happen where a dog cannot be exercised at the same level or training help is needed, and those can be excused as a temporary situation, however responsible pet ownership is a must.  As a co-owner, you are getting my pick puppy which is the whole reason for doing that breeding.  You are responsible not only for your pet, but for the genetics that you have in your hands that could be a contribution to the future of my program and the breed.    This is a huge amount of trust that I have in you if I'm offering this to you.  Past co-owners have taken this on with me and we have created amazing friendships, and we have worked through the challenges of AB ownership together!  I can provide these references if this is a serious consideration.  

I do not give co-own homes  to those who are looking to 'make' money or get free puppies.  There is no way somebody else is going to make money off my investments and hard work.  Now, if you're putting titles on and a lot of investment into a dog from me, then yes, clauses can be put into the agreement to discuss this.  I retain full breeding rights, and full responsibility for show and health testing fees and any costs associated with breeding/whelping/raising a litter.  You are responsible for everyday vet care, costs, etc inclusive of emergencies.  Males will be in tact for the duration of their life, unless they are excused from the program.  Females will be kept in tact until full assessment is done at 2 years, with the option of 2 successful breedings as a general rule of thumb.  You are responsible to tell me when dog is in heat for planning and health prevention purposes, each and every heat.  When/if breeding happens, female comes to my place for the actual breeding, and then 1 week prior to due date until puppies are weaned about 6 weeks.  This is where the relationship with the co-owner is so important.  :)  When you sign an agreement, I expect you to keep up your end of the bargain, as I always keep up mine, and often times go above and beyond.  Just like you waited for your perfect puppy, there are others waiting for their pup and counting on that 'co-owner' to adhere to my expectations, so that the health of the puppies and the plans will go as scheduled.  

I will always retain ownership of the registration papers and primary contact on the microchip of all co own dogs.  If a dog is removed from the program, registration papers will be relinquished to the owner with vet paperwork confirming spay/neuter is complete.  When a dog is relinquished from my program, unless firm writing and agreement has been made, the dog is NOT free for breeding purposes, even if I have performed all the health tests. 

Health testing will include DNA swabs, hip/elbow xrays and heart examination which I will arrange, and request that you bring the dog to my vet unless otherwise arranged.  Plus this also gives me a great opportunity to assess the dog if it's far away, and spend some time getting to know them more.  This is critical for decisions moving forward in the program.  


Feed good quality food.  Well balanced raw or kibble.  Feed to body condition and exercise requirements.  

Exercise the dog!

Keep up to date on vaccinations, dewormings and basic medical treatment.  Emergencies hopefully are limited, but it is expected that you are to take care of these.  

Crate train the dog and do not let it free for all in your house!!!!  

Leash train the dog!

Teach the dog good manners!

Communicate very closely with me for the lifetime of the dog!

If you cannot afford a companion puppy, and are simply looking to do co own for a reduced rate, then you are not doing this for the right reason!  While it is a great bonus, you are still responsible for all the same wellbeing, care, etc for the dog!  Also, you're not going to get a puppy off your dog unless you bring value to the dog through training, titles, certifications etc.

If you're serious about becoming involved in the breed, at whatever level inspires you and would like to discuss co-ownership, please reach out to me at  !!!

An option to have top pick and become more involved in the breed without the investment.

Co owning with Roper ABs