Blue earns his UAG1 (UKC Agility) with minimal training.  

2016 Nationals achievements:  

Skully Best Standard in Champion at just 12 months

Cindel 2nd and 3rd

Blue Best Standard Male Junior Champion

Our Skully x Phoebe daughters both in co own homes have had a great start to their 2017 season.  Born in January, they're still showing as pups and doing great.  Sadie is a big tall girl living with a family close by.  She has great drive and temperament.  Isabelle isn't as tall but quite thick and very typey with a tonne of work ethic and is being worked by a green handler under guidance of John Bonello.  They have earned some class wins and placings at both 2017 NKC shows.  Isabelle earned 1st/2nd driviest puppy at the two shows as well.  Sadie earned 2nd driviest puppy at the Quebec show and 1st sprint at ON show.   Only Isabelle went to Florida, and we were fortunate to earn a Best in Show Standard Puppy under Alan Scott, as well as a Reserve Best Standard Female under Eddie Knowles, making her a Junior Champion.  These are two very promising young females.  

Blue earns his UWP (United Weight Pull) title with ease. 

Skully won a Champions class at Carolina Spectacular...beat by Blue in the next two.  Also earns his DHT, IDTT & ID3, with a 2nd place in the Irondog Triathlon.

2017 Carolina Spectacular:  Blue wins Best Standard in Show under Alan Scott earning his NKC CHAMPION title.  Blue also wins 2 Champion of Champions classes and BEST IN BREED under a combination of judges Alan Scott, Don Matthews, Maggie Shook, Robert Cox, Susan McLean & Pattie Mims.

Blue wins 3 Champions classes at Crazy Canucks AB Classic (NKC).  Also wins Hardest Hitting & Irondog Triathlon, and earns his IDTT.

Blue also earned his NWDA Working Temperament Evaluation (WTE), Obedience Title (OBT), as well as his Irondog Guard Dog Temperament (GDT) and Triathlon  2nd place (ID3 Ranked) 

Blue wins Best in Show

2 Best Guardian Group wins & 2 2nd Place Guardian placings

Grand River Kennel Club (UKC Show) October 2016

This was a very large show with multiple breeds in many different groups.  We are extremely honoured  by this huge win, as it's not often that an American Bulldog does so well in this registry. 

Florida Show:  Blue wins Best in Breed, and beats Skully in Grand Champion Ring.  Skully wins 2 Champion rings making him a Grand Champion.  Isabelle wins Best Standard Puppy under Alan Scott, and a Reserve Best Female Standard Puppy under Eddie Knowles, making her a Junior Champion.  

Brothers Fury & Blue meet again

Crazy Canucks Classic 2018:  Blue wins 2 and Skully wins 1 Grand Champion ring.  Both took top placings in Irondog & Hardest Hitting.  Pics to come

Next Generation NKC 2019:  Aurora wins 3X Best In Show Standard Puppy making her a Junior Champion.  Blue and Skully each win a tough Grand Champion ring.  Blue wins Hardest Hitting.  Howards Mickey of Roper (Skully's littermate owned by TRoad ABs) wins a TOUGH class of 10 Champions & BEST IN BREED!

Visit to Alan Scott's yard...a humbling experience

Blue passes his PSA PDC-SD only 2.5 weeks after obstruction surgery.  This makes him only the second bulldog in Canada to pass the PDC.  

Skully won 2 Champions rings, and the Irondog Triathlon at Quebec Fall Bull

 Mickey (Bonz x Sophie, brother to Skully) at Nationals (owned by Matt).   Mickey at 2016 Fall Finale wins Best Standard in Show & Reserve Best Standard Male earning his NKC Champion title.  2017 Dog Days of Summer he won 2 Champion of Champion classes.  He is also tested on hogs and did extremely well. 

Blue won Best in Breed and 2nd in Irondog Triathlon at Quebec Fall Bull. 

3 Generations:

Maggie Shook  (Gunslinger Kennels holding Lily)

Stephanie  with Phoebe & Blue

Kevin with Cindel