NKC  Supreme GrCH/JrCH, UKC CH

Roper Ducatti Blue

Birthdate:  June 16, 2015


​​PennHIP 0.23/0.38, OFA GOOD (Prelim) OFA Elbows/Cardiac Normal ,



Gr CH Roper Skullz n Bonz

Birthdate:  May 10, 2015

DHT, ID3 (Ranked), IDTT, ATAN

                      PennHIP 0.23/0.23 (Tightest 5% of breed)

                    OFA GOOD (Prelim), Elbows/Cardiac Normal,

                                                           HUU/NCL/ICH Clear


Very serious yet goofy, confident boy, not afraid of anything.  He is a very big dog, with super structure, that will bring balance to our program.  He is our active guard dog, and we also have started working him in protection.  He has a lot of intensity and tends to work more on the civil side with solid nerve, but with a tonne of natural prey drive.  Our focus in the next year is to get some control on him and continue to work him in protection, and we will get him on hogs again. 

Now NKC Grand Champion after winning Best in Show Standard at NKC Nationals in Alabama under Richard Shook.  In April, he won Best Standard Puppy in two shows at the North Carolina Spectacular under Alan Scott & Bob Emmell April 2016.  Won Best Standard Adult at just 12 months at Canadian Rumbull ABRA show in May 2016, plus 2 2nds.  In 2017 he has earned all 5 legs towards his Grand Champion.  He has taken a second (to our other dog Blue) in Irondog, as well as a 1st in ID Triathlon with very minimal training.  He has earned his IDTT, DHT & ATAN.  As of Feb 2019 he has 2 legs towards his Supreme Grand Champion with NKC.

Skully has taken to being our guard dog and has handled the summer heat with ease.  He's a very sociable dog with people, but also extremely confident and protective of our property.   He is learning and doing super in PSA training...our biggest challenge will be his obedience, as we started later than ideal, and control is challenging with how intense of a dog he is working.  He has proven himself already on raccoons and hogs and is very promising.  Also introduced to agility and weight pull at a young age and shows amazing promise if we can just get him to work on our terms not his :)  He has sired 2 litters, and they show great promise in both work and show!  He is the sire to Isabelle, Sadie & Aurora pictured below.  And Sandhill Kennels in South Carolina has a promising littermate male to Aurora, named Darwin.  

Rain is a really nicely balanced female with a super social temperament.  She stayed here until she was 6 months old, finished her NKC Jr Champion title, and later went to South Carolina where she lives with Robert at RJ Kennels.  She has now caught a tonne of hogs and is essentially a running catch dog.  Robert's enjoys her temperament and workability.  She's bigger than his traditional catchdog preference, but does the job.  Roper still owns her, but she will live and work for Robert.  There's nothing you can pick apart with this female really besides her dark liver pigment and green eyes.  She's correct, stable, balanced, athletic with a tight scissor bite.  I got everything I wanted in this female besides her pigment colour, so I'm thrilled to see her work for Robert. 

CH/Jr CH Roper Fireball Shot


OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows & Cardiac

Female  Birthdate:  Dec 15, 2019


Jr CH Roper Purple Rain

Female  Birthdate:  March 25, 2019

ICH/NCL/HUU Clear by parentage

Hips/Elbows pending


Co-owned with Robert Thompson in South Carolina

CH Roland's Nile God of Roper (aka Sobek)

ICH/NCL/DM/MRI Clear, HUU Carrier

OFA Prelim Good, ED-1, Cardiac Normal, 0.31/0.31 Pennhip

Male    Birthdate:  March 22, 2019 


Co-owned with Roland Vencel 

For the best gut health...

Roper Red Maple


Tested Non Liver pigment carrier

Female  Birthdate:  August 29, 2021


Sobek is a very nice young male.  He has massive teeth, great bone, a beautiful head, and moves very nice.  He's a late maturer mentally with a boat load of energy, but his engagement with his handler is very nice.  He is very prey driven and a super social dog, always on the look for what's going on.  A very athletic well balanced dog with no dog aggression and just happy all around.  


Fireball is a really promising young female prospect.  She is a big female with a boat load of bone and from an early age, an adult front end.  She is well over 80 lbs at under 2 years of age.   She has amazing prey drive, super nerve, with a great off switch, very intelligent and a thinker.  She is very good around other dogs, and we transitioned from PSA style training to a new method in Schutzhund after 1.5 years of age, and she is extremely promising.  As a handler, I'm learning a new sport so our progress will be slow She won a Best in Show and my son handled her in the CH ring at ease...she is just an all around pleasure of a dog to own!


Dio is an absolute show stopper.  At 16 months he is fit at 90 lbs even, and he's rock solid...pictures do not do this dog justice. He hasn't even 'popped' and hit maturity yet and he's already showing me that he's exactly what I was after doing this breeding.  While he may look like his dad, he strongly resembles his mom's soft nature in his face.  He's leggy, moves very well, has super bone, a calm demeanour yet typical to bulldog nature he's a handful around the house!  He's also a worker...he has great prey drive and one hell of a grip in bitework.  I'm really happy with this boy and am pleased to see his handlers learn the sport of PSA and train alongside him!  I love that he's also a great family companion for his family, and I'm thrilled that his co owners enjoy him as much as I love watching him mature.  We will hit up a few shows this year and work towards some titles as the time allows.  

 Gr CH/Jr CH Roper Aurora of Acadia


OFA Good Hips, Elbows and Cardiac Normal

Female          Birthdate:  April 21, 2018 


Co-owned with Tracey Hughes

Roper Supergirl Holley

Female  Birthdate:  May 6, 2021



Holley is a very forward confident puppy that oozes drive.  She has a combination of both parents, so she's going to be a handful to rein in, but she should excel in time.  She lives on rural property with critters, so I look forward to watching her grow and mature. 

Co owned with Tracey Hughes, now handled by Marcel Villanueva.

Being trained in Schutzhund.  Very promising young female, happy go lucky with super prey drive and athleticism.  Very bouncy and social.   I'm more than grateful to Tracey Hughes and Marcel Villanueva for the opportunity they are providing her to learn and be her best self.  

I can't say enough about this amazing young female.  With limited handling, she absolutely rocked her first show with 3 Best in Show Standard Puppy wins to become a Junior CH.  She followed suit next show winning Best Standard Female, then a Best in Show, Champion class win and  a Best in Breed.  Next show she won her CH classes and Best in Breed again.  Show 4 in North Carolina, she was fortunate to win a huge and very competitive CH class against some really nice mature males at only 15 months!  In 2020, she finished her Grand and took 4 legs towards her Supreme beating her sire.  Judges, competitors and all who met her LOVED her happy personality and compact structure.  She's rock solid, stable, and so well put together.  

Blue is a very eager to please dog always wanting to be glued to your side.  He is a bouncy kinda dog, and will gladly relax at your foot in the house.   He will do ANYTHING you ask of him very happily from agility to weightpull to protection training to just being a fun family dog.  In just 4.5 months of weekly training after some basic foundation, we were able to trial at a PSA trial and earn his PDC-SD (Protection Dog Certificate - Sleeve Division), which coincidentally was 2.5 weeks after life  saving obstruction surgery.  We will be pushing forward to train him on suit now and train for his PSA1.    In just 3 short weeks we trained him to his UWP (first level of UKC weightpull and he did with ease).  We also on a whim entered him in a UKC Agility trial and he had super results in all his legs earning his UAG1.  He has a very strong ball & prey drive and is very attentive to Stephanie particularly, however he's also a very social dog that can hop right into the car beside our son after doing bitework. 

He has had phenomenol conformation results with highlights earning his Champion and Grand Champion NKC Conformation title in 2017, as well as winning Best in Breed at Carolina Spectacular, Quebec Fall Bull & the Florida NKC Shows, and Best in Show  at Grand River Kennel Club October 2016 UKC Show  beating over 200 dogs in a variety of breeds and working purposes.   Blue has 4/5 wins towards his Supreme Grand Champion as of February 2019.

Blue has now earned his PDC-SD, NWDA OBT & WTE, as well as his Irondog ID3 (Ranked 1st & 2X 2nd), GDT, IDTT, UAG1, UWP and his ATAN .

He has been tested on hogs with a good start.  He has sired 2 litters with Masterbully  in Quebec & Chestnuts Little Indians Bulldogs in Germany and I really like what I'm seeing so far!  

CH /Jr CH Roper Dance With Diablo


OFA Prelim Excellent, Normal Elbows and Cardiac

Pennhip 0.13/0.13  INSANE results

Male  Birthdate:  March 25, 2019 


Co-owned with Jake Gardner

CH Roper Sadie Went Splat

OFA EXCELLENT Hips, Normal Elbows & Cardiac.  ICH/NCL/HUU Clear
Female              Birthdate:  January 12, 2017 ​​


Sadie is a big female with flawless movement and amazing structure.  Huge teeth, balanced temperament, great prey drive, and super stable..  I'm blown away by how intelligent and easy to train she is, with boat loads of drive...I even took her to protection training and she is a NATURAL!    She produced Rain, Dio & Holley, and it is really hard to pick her apart!  She truly is something special!